Breitbart editor slams mainstream media in Pulitzer Hall

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A Breitbart new editor called the publication he recently joined “the most innovative and exciting source of journalism in America”, calling out mainstream media bias and inaccuracy while accepting no similar responsibility for the misleading and at times incendiary work for which his organization is criticized. “The real threat to public confidence in the media is all these demonstrably false stories that our colleagues have produced,” Breitbart economics editor John Carney told a packed audience at Columbia Journalism School. “I don’t think you’re reading a lot of false news in Breitbart.”

Carney asked his fellow panelists, “Do you think you have enough people who understand and sympathize with Trump’s worldview in your news organizations or do you think you are predominantly staffed by people who view Trump’s point of view as not just wrong but probably also evil?” To which, New York Times Washington Bureau Chief Elisabeth Bumiller responded, “Do you have enough people in your organization who disagree with Trump’s point of view?”

Breitbart editor slams mainstream media in Pulitzer Hall Breitbart editor to media: Do your staffers ‘sympathize’ with Trump’s worldview? (Washington Post)