BBC Camera Operator Is Attacked at President Trump Rally

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A supporter of President Donald Trump attacked a BBC camera operator during a presidential rally in El Paso (TX), the broadcaster said. The president was talking about a decline in attacks on African, Hispanic, and Asian-Americans when the cameraman was pushed. A 36-second clip from Skeans’s camera before, during and after the shove was widely circulated on social media. It shows a protester in a red Make America Great Again cap, who has not been publicly identified, shouting at members of the media as he is restrained by someone who appears to be part of the event’s security team. As the man struggles, the crowd’s chant shifts from “U.S.A.” to “Let him go.” Also at the rally, President Trump slammed fact-checkers as "some of the most dishonest people in media." 

BBC Camera Operator Is Attacked at Trump Rally Trump Supporter Violently Shoves BBC Cameraman At El Paso Rally (NPR) Trump rips fact-checkers: 'Some of the most dishonest people in media' (The Hill)