“The Video Marketplace: A Modern Viewpoint”

I want to discuss the incredible vitality of today’s video marketplace and how the FCC needs to modernize its rules to reflect current realities.

Digitization and the Internet have driven a proliferation of new platforms for consumers, especially in the last decade.

To win subscribers, video providers are seeking to offer more types of content in order to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. And programming production and distribution businesses have started converging to meet the growing demand for high quality original programming.

To realize the full benefits of this dynamism, the FCC should acknowledge the fierce competition that exists and it should get rid of regulations that no longer make sense.

I will make the analogy that the FCC is poised at this pivotal moment just like the proverbial ostrich. This bird is known for being stubborn and sticking its head in the sand. Instead of speeding forward to recognize the marketplace realities, I worry the FCC is desperately clinging to existing rules that were written prior to the digital revolution, prior to Wi-Fi, and prior to the Internet.

“The Video Marketplace: A Modern Viewpoint” FCC Commissioner O'Rielly To FCC: Don't Put Your Head In the Sand (Multichannel News)