Unsolved Mysteries of the RHC Program

Schools Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition

12/11/2018 - 13:00

Rural Health Care (RHC) Program participants have been asking a lot of questions over the last few months - both about the uncertain future of the program and about FY2018 funding requests. But the biggest question of all for FY2018 applicants is simply, "When will I know if my funding has been approved?"

Applications for this funding year were due by June 29, yet we're now five months into FY2018 and still have little knowledge of whose requests have been approved. USAC's cryptic statement in their November 1st newsletter that, "qualifying single-year funding requests with no upfront costs will be fully-funded," leaves several open questions: How much total funding have FY2018 applicants requested? Will the sub-cap for multi-year applications be sufficient to fund all consortia requests?

SHLB's webinar will explore these and the other "mysteries" of the RHC program. The conversation will be moderated by RHC issues expert Jeff Mitchell, Of Counsel at Lukas, LaFuria, Gutierrez & Sachs LLP.