Tweens, Teens, Tech, and Mental Health

Common Sense Media

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 6:00pm

There's been an alarming rise in depression, anxiety, and suicide risk among tweens and teens over the past few years. Many parents, academics, and health professionals believe heavy technology and social media use is the cause. Then the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 hit. Overnight, schools, peer networks, workplaces, and communities were pushed entirely online. Parents, educators, and adolescents themselves now face unprecedented instability.


To understand how we can best support adolescents and develop guardrails for the future, we focused our latest research efforts to produce the Tweens, Teens, Tech, and Mental Health report. The report synthesizes what is known about adolescents' mental health and its associations with digital technology use. Perhaps most importantly, the report provides guidance to identify those who may be most vulnerable, signal when parents should be concerned, and outline what stakeholders can do to help.


A presentation of the latest research followed by a conversation with experts and teens about how best to support adolescents in an increasingly digital world.


The speakers include report author Candice L. Odgers, Ph.D.; Teen Vogue editor Brittney McNamara; and Virginia Shipp, a recent high school graduate and human rights advocate.