True Spin Conference

National PR Conference for Progressives
Second “” Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2008

Progressive activists can sharpen their communications skills at a “national conference on media relations for progressives,” Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2008, in Denver.

The will include 25 workshops, lectures, and panel discussions by some of the leading progressive communications practitioners in the country.

The faculty includes: Medea Benjamin, Code Pink; Andy Bichlbaum, Yes Men!; Kathy Bonk and Emily Tynes, Authors, Strategic Communications for Nonprofits; Beach Codevilla, Spitfire Strategies; Lori Dorfman, Berkeley Media Studies Group; Alan Jenkins, The Opportunity Agenda; Martin Kearns, Green Media Toolshed; Robert Perez, Fenton Communications; Rashad Robinson, GLAAD; David Sirota, Author, Hostile Takeover; and others. (See “faculty” page of

The first in 2006 sold out with 200 registrants from around the country, including PR people from all types of progressive organizations. Click here ( to read more about the 2006 event.

Session topics include: How to Deal with EDs Who Just Don’t Get it; YouTube: Show and Tell; Strategic Media Planning; Be like GLAAD; Demystifying the Interactive Web; Theatrical Protest: A Case Study in Pink; How to Collaborate with the Netroots and Bloggers; Connecting PR to Fundraising; and How to Work with Hollywood. See preliminary program here (

The conference is sponsored by Cause Communications, a Denver-based firm assisting nonprofit and advocacy groups.

CONTACT: Jason Salzman or Matt Poundstone -- 303-292-1524.