Transforming the FTC: Legislation to Modernize Consumer Protection

Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce

House Commerce Committee

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 - 10:30am
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H.R. 2671, the "Solidifying Habitual and Institutional Explanations of Liability and Defenses Act" or the "SHIELD Act"

H.R. 2672, the "FTC Robust Elderly Protections and Organizational Requirements to Track Scams Act" or the "FTC REPORTS Act"

H.R. 2676, the "Revealing Economic Conclusions for Suggestions Act" or the "RECS Act"

H.R. 2677, the "Technological Innovation through Modernizing Enforcement Act" or the "TIME Act"

H.R. 2690, the "Clarifying Legality and Enforcement Action Reasoning Act" or the "CLEAR Act"

H.R. 2702, the "Statement on Unfairness Reinforcement and Emphasis Act" or the "SURE Act" 

H.R. 3067, the "Online Consumer Protection Act"

H.R. 3918, a bill to amend the Federal Trade Commission Act to permit the Federal Trade Commission to enforce such Act against certain tax-exempt organizations

H.R. 4447, the "21st Century FTC Act"

H.R. 4460, the "Consumer Equity Protection Act of 2021"

H.R. 4475, the "Protecting Consumers in Commerce Act of 2021"

H.R. 4483, the "Veterans and Servicemember Consumer Protection Act of 2021"

H.R. 4488, the "FTC Autonomy Act"

H.R. 4530, the "Federal Trade Commission Technologies Act of 2021"

H.R. 4551, the "Reporting Attacks from Nations Selected for Oversight and Monitoring Web Attacks and Ransomware from Enemies Act" or the "RANSOMWARE Act"

H.R. 4564, the "Federal Trade Commission Transparency Act"