Tech Summit: At a Digital Crossroads


Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 10:00am
Time Zone: 
Virtual Event

The worlds of Washington and Silicon Valley have been colliding for the past several years and the intersection of tech, innovation, regulation and politics have reached a tipping point.

Politico's inaugural tech summit to explore the evolving relationship between the power corridors of Washington and the tech sector. The daylong program will convene members of Congress, White House officials, tech executives, tech policy experts, and activists to discuss what the Biden administration agenda and tech legislation moving on Capitol Hill mean for innovation, market competition, consumer privacy and content moderation on social media platforms. The conversations will also cover the global tech race, particularly as the US competes with China, the role of global tech capitals outside of Silicon Valley in shaping innovation, progress made on racial equity and inclusion efforts in tech—both among the policymakers and in the tech ecosystem, and closing the digital divide in low-income, tribal and rural communities as part of broader infrastructure plans.

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