Tech Policy Summit

is an invitation-only executive conference that brings together prominent leaders from the private and public sectors to examine critical policy issues affecting technology innovation and adoption in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The nonpartisan summit provides an independent, balanced forum for learning and networking among tech industry insiders, investors, policymakers, regulators and legal experts who may have different perspectives but who share a common goal of enabling innovation.

Unlike many conferences where information flows in one direction, is dedicated to fostering a dialogue among speakers and other participants.

Through a series of candid interviews and roundtable discussions moderated by leading journalists, influential experts representing a variety of disciplines and viewpoints will tackle timely, often controversial topics. The fast-paced and innovative format - which includes some surprises that will be revealed at the summit - promises to be informative and engaging for everyone involved.

Issues to be addressed include patent reform, net neutrality, cyber security, international IP protection, broadband deployment, international trade, emerging technologies and America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.

What role does pending federal legislation play? How is the political climate inside the Beltway a factor? How can industry and government partner to foster innovation and further U.S. competitiveness? Are there areas where less government involvement is needed?

also includes two Innovation Showcases that will highlight emerging technologies in the areas of clean tech, e-health, education, social networking and wireless technologies.