The State of U.S. Broadband in 2022: Reassessing the Whole Picture

Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Virtual Event

A strong broadband ecosystem is integral to equipping society for the digital age. But understanding the actual state of broadband in the United States is deceptively complex. Overlapping terminology, contradictory data sources, and disagreements over how to interpret them contribute to an ongoing debate over what should be hard facts: the number of people in the United States that have connectivity at home, whether prices in the U.S. are high or low, and what even counts as a broadband connection. It’s hard to solve a problem when we don’t even agree on where the problem areas are. To provide a clearer picture of broadband in the United States, a recent report from ITIF analyzed the latest data on broadband deployment, adoption, and prices to benchmark the U.S. broadband ecosystem against other nations.

A discussion about the current state of broadband in the United States, how to best assess U.S. broadband, what the remaining areas for improvement are, and the best practices for solving them.

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Jessica Dine@jess_dine

Research Assistant for Broadband Policy

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation



Jonathan Chaplin

Managing Partner

New Street Research


Nick Ludlum@nickludlum

Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer




Sarah Oh Lam@sarahecon

Senior Fellow

Technology Policy Institute



Nicol Turner-Lee@drturnerlee

Senior Fellow

Brookings Institution