Securing a Broadband Future for People of Color

June 5
3:00pm ­ 4:30pm

Self-generated media, alpha communities, Wikipedia, YouTube. If you don&supl;t know these terms, you&supl;re likely a technology neophyte. In today&supl;s fast paced environment communities, people of color can't afford to be left behind in another wave of technological advancement. Access to technology ­ voice, video and data ­ means access to information, innovation and ­ for entrepreneurs ­ access to capital. Redlining in communities of color is not a myth. As more entrants vie for our attention and our dollars, people of color must find ways to break out of technology ghettos into the mainstream and our panelists will tell you how.

Moderator: Larry Irving (President, The Irving Information Group)

Panelists: Payne Brown, Esq. (Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Comcast
Corporation), Ty Ahmad-Taylor (Vice President, Product Development, MTV
Networks), FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein

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