Reducing Costs: Competition and Infrastructure

SHLB Coalition
October 26, 2016
3 - 4 pm EDT

High service prices and build-out costs remain big hurdles to improving digital equity across the nation. Join Tom Koutsky (Connected Nation), John Windhausen (SHLB Coalition), and Nick Alexander (Level3), as they tackle the question of how to reduce broadband costs through competition and infrastructure.

Tom Koutsky will approach the topic of cost reduction with a discussion of infrastructure policy and what federal, state, and local governments can do to improve broadband build-out in a timely and effective manner. John Windhausen will then offer various means of improving competition in the marketplace. Jumping off this discussion, Nick Alexander will tie in how Business Data Service (BDS) reform can improve broadband competition for schools, libraries, and other anchors.

This webinar is free and open to the public.

Follow along online by tweeting at @SHLBCoalition and following the hashtags #Grow2Gig and #ReduceBroadbandCosts.