Public Knowledge Hill Briefing on Net Neutrality Draft Order

A legal and policy analysis of the Federal Communications Commission net neutrality draft order circulated in the "Restoring Internet Freedom" proceeding

11/29/2017 - 13:30 to 15:30

This briefing will provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the draft order, its legal underpinnings, and the ways it will likely harm consumers and the free market. The hill briefing is open to the public.

Moderator: Chris Lewis, Vice President, Public Knowledge


  • Angie Kronenberg, Chief Advocate and General Counsel, INCOMPAS
  • Sarah Morris, Open Internet Policy Director, Open Technology Institute
  • Jon Sallet, Senior Fellow, Benton Foundation, and Former General Counsel, FCC
  • Rachel Wolbers, Policy Director, Engine

US Capitol Visitors Center
First St NE Room SVC 215
Washington , DC