Network Neutrality: Are We There Yet?

TV Biz
July 22, 2014
2 pm

One way or another, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is determined to restore network neutrality rules thrown out by the court this year -- for the third time. One way is to use existing FCC authority, another is to reclassify Internet access under some Title II common carrier regulations. Then there are those who argue no rules are required. Internet Service Providers are pushing back hard against a Title II, or as they call it, the "nuclear" option, while net neutrality activists fear anything short of common carrier regs will allow for the creation of fast and slow lanes on the Internet. But Title II could also bring edge providers like Netflix and Google under new regs, and may not shield against the possibility of paid priority that ignited a backlash against the FCC's current proposal to reinstate the rules. In this webinar, veterans of the open Internet policy battle will handicap the options, and the consequences, of the various roadmaps to new rules, and the FCC decision that will affect billions of dollars in investment and likely determine the development of the Internet for years to come.


John Eggerton
Bureau Chief, Broadcasting & Cable


Scott Cleland
President, Precursor

Harold Feld
Senior Vice President, Public Knowledge