Innovation vs. Maintenance in the Drive Toward “Hybrid” Infrastructure

Russell Senate Office Building

2 Constitution Avenue NE Room 485

Washington, DC 20002

11/09/2017 - 10:00 to 11:30

The emergence of hybrid infrastructure—infrastructure that integrates digital technology with physical infrastructure—will be more efficient and sustainable than the concrete roads and bridges of yesteryear. Indeed, these solutions are very much in need, as the United States recently earned a D+ on a infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers, with $4.6 trillion in necessary repairs. But new technologies raise the question of whether to prioritize maintaining existing infrastructure or deploying innovative new infrastructure. And either way, Congress has only appropriated $77 billion for transportation and infrastructure improvements in FY2017. So, how do we move forward?


Stephen Ezell

Vice President, Global Innovation Policy

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation



John Casana

PE, Director, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Senior Lead Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton


Andrew Russell

Professor of History and Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

SUNY Polytechnic Institute


Robert Puentes

President and CEO

Eno Center for Transportation


Lee Vinsel

Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society

Virginia Tech

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Russell Senate Office Building
2 Constitution Avenue NE Room 485
Washington , DC 20002