How Will Changes to Lifeline Impact Vulnerable Populations in Your State?

National Hispanic Media Coalition, National Consumer Law Center, Public Knowledge and UCC OC, Inc

03/02/2018 - 10:00

The digital divide disproportionately impacts low-income Americans, and current proposals to Lifeline could make that reality even worse. Beyond changing the fundamental purpose of the program from one that provides subsidies to low-income families and individuals to one that supports the buildout of broadband networks, the Federal Communications Commission has submitted proposals that include removing non-facilities based providers that serve 70 percent of the Lifeline population, imposing a self-enforcing budget cap, requiring a co-pay for a $9.25 subsidy as wells as imposing a limit on lifetime benefits for program participants.

Join a discussion on how these changes will impact vulnerable populations in your state and ways for your member of Congress to get involved in the discussion.

Dirksen Senate Office Building
2nd St NE Room G11
Washington , DC 20002