Global Internet Governance: Research and Public Policy Challenges for the Next Decade

GigaNet and American University School of International Service
Thursday, May 05 2011 and Friday, May 06 2011

The Internet’s status as a communication medium that is decentralized, scalable and global continues to pose challenging new problems in governance and regulation. GigaNet, an international scholarly community created in 2006, holds a two-day conference to explore issues such as IP address scarcity, ICANN accountability, the role of social media in toppling dictatorships, censorship, privacy online, and the tensions between national security and Internet freedom.

Day one engages policy makers, academics and civil society at large in dialogue on policy issues in global Internet governance. The goal is to facilitate informed dialogue on policy issues and related matters between scholars and Internet governance stakeholders. Day two features presentations of scholarly research based on peer reviewed papers. The goal is to support scholarship and advance theoretical and applied research on Internet governance.