Facing the Media Crisis: Media Education for Reform, Justice and Democracy

The Action Coalition for Media Education will gather media education experts, media reformers, public health advocates, interested citizens, and independent media producers at beautiful Burlington, Vermont's Champlain College from October 6-8, 2006 (Columbus Day week-end) for its third continental media education Summit.

Founded in 2002 upon the principal that the above groups could work with and learn form each other to help solve today's media crisis, ACME National Summits already have attracted large groups to dynamic and exciting continental Summits in 2002 (Albuquerque, NM) and 2004 (San Francisco, CA).

What you will find at ACME is

Dedication: Volunteers feeding off each others' enthusiasm.
You WILL FIND people who have created powerful media education organizations, whole movements, and inspiring classrooms, usually from scratch...people who are WINNING battles against Big Media censorship...without taking Big Media money.

Expertise: Professionals who are proven motivational teachers, reformers, writers, and producers.
You WILL FIND great teachers who understand their art, experts who know their craft, reformers who know the fight, scientists who have done their research ...people who have transferred their passion and skills to students and citizens.

Commitment: Citizens who are honest and recognize that our media crisis also means a crisis for our democracy.
You WILL FIND LEADERS, cultural revolutionaries who are standing up to the Big Media cartel, fighters for justice, reform, health, access, intellectual curiosity and INDEPENDENT media diversity.

Crucial to the excitement is ACME's dedication to INDEPENDENCE and ETHICS.

Independence from Big Media and its influence.
You WILL NOT FIND media industry shills presenting watered down media literacy and Big Media's monopolist point of view at ACME.

Independence from Corporate media 'literacy' and its PR Machine.
You WILL NOT FIND presenters who say, "I take money from Microsoft, but not from X-Box."

Independence from Big Media's lies about violence, video games, racism, consumerism, debt, gender effects, and much more.
NO ACME KEYNOTE SPEAKER will condemn the whole body of media-focused scientific research...thousands of media effects research studies!

Independence from the Media Cartel and its Money.
You WILL NOT receive a bag that says "Comcast" underneath the slogan "Giving Voice to a Diverse Nation."

At ACME you will find a wonderfully innovative conference schedule, meet members of our high-powered but accessible advisory board and many other workers who are sacrificing and fighting to heal our democracy and save our media system.

Save the date and join the excitement. Stay an extra day or two to enjoy the splendor of autumn in Vermont at the peak of leaf season.

Join us October 6-9, 2006 for "Facing the Crisis," and be part of the solution!