COVID-19 and the US Democratic Process

NetGain Partnership

05/13/2020 - 12:00

COVID-19 has exposed the susceptibility of our democratic processes to digital shortcomings, including increasing uncertainty around the ability to carry out free, fair, and safe elections in 2020 as well as the already present challenges of a high tech census. Across the country, advocates and campaigns are also facing a new reality as community education, outreach, and offline mobilization grinds to a halt, and organizations must rely on digital formats to carry out their work plans.

This webinar will explore the ways in which our democratic institutions are being forced to adapt quickly to the new environment posed by COVID-19, including digital security threats and other concerns related to civil society moving to exclusively digital formats. 


  • Ashley Allison, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

  • Arisha Hatch, Color of Change

  • Dr. Juan Gilbert, University of Florida

  • Adrian Reyna, United We Dream


  • amalia deloney, Media Democracy Fund