Contemporary Media Use in Turkey

Broadcasting Board of Governors and Gallup
July 29, 2014
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and Gallup invite you to attend a research briefing on news consumption habits and attitudes in Turkey, along with, for the first time, an in-depth look at the distinctive media consumption habits among Turkey's Kurdish population.

Nationally, Turkish media consumers fall into three basic groups. Analyzing past-week use of different media platforms, about half of media consumers (48.0%) tend to only watch TV news. About one-third (32.0%) mostly watch TV and use the Internet to get news and two in 10 (20.0%) are "super users" who get news from a variety of media platforms. Super-users are more likely to be male, young, highly educated, and to live in urban areas.

While slightly more than seven in 10 adults in Turkey are satisfied with the information the media provide, dissatisfaction with media does not seem to be correlated with use of external sources.

This briefing will share data on media usage, a methodological overview and a review of attitudinal data on government and foreign policy.

Speakers will include:
* Chris Stewart, Partner, Gallup
* Bruce Sherman, Director, Office of Strategy and Development, BBG
* William Bell, Director of Audience Insights, International Broadcasting Bureau
* Rajesh Srinivasan, Regional Research Director - Asia and Middle East, Gallup