Building Broadband For All Together

Next Century Cities

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 2:00pm
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Virtual Event

Across the United States, local and state governments and community organizations are working tirelessly to ensure that residents have the connectivity they need to thrive in 2024.

#OaklandUndivided is committed to sustaining and scaling school and home digital access for Oakland's 50,000+ public school students while simultaneously addressing structural barriers to achieve community wide connectivity for all Oaklanders.

AmeriCorps programs like the American Connection Corps aim to activate local leaders in rural and legacy communities to close the digital divide and advance economic prosperity.

A webinar to learn more about how broadband advocates in community-based programs are improving connectivity outcomes for their neighbors and friends.

Guest Speakers: #OaklandUndivided (#OU) Cinthia Diaz, Director of Community Impact Carolina Mendez, Program Manager and LEE Fellow Georgia Savage, Deputy Director American Connection Corps (ACC) Eric Kotin, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Lead for America Optional pre-read: ACC Host Site Flyer