Broadband and Internet Markets and Regulation

Western Economic Association International

Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 9:15pm

Paper 1 -- Measuring the Effects of Municipal Broadband

Sarah Oh, Technology Policy Institute


Paper 2 -- How Platform Components Impact Ecosystem Value: The Case of the iPhone and Mobile Broadband

Mark Jamison, University of Florida, Peter Wang, University of Florida


Paper 3 -- Multisided Markets and Platform Dominance

James H. Alleman, University of Colorado Boulder, Edmond Baranes, University of Montpellier, Paul Rappoport, Temple University


Paper 4 -- Applying Antitrust in Digital Markets: Foundations and Approaches

Mark Jamison, University of Florida



Wesley W. Wilson, University of Oregon, Jonathan Hughes, University of Colorado Boulder


Chair and Host

James H. Alleman, University of Colorado Boulder


Password: TPUG230 (Meeting ID: 721 178 7140)