Annual Convention: Community Broadcasters Association

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Sunday, October 23
Time Session Description Speaker

5pm Opening President’s Opening Comments: Greg Herman

5:30pm Former Congressman Ron Klink Introduced by Greg Herman
Member of Congress, 1993 – 2001
As a TV broadcaster for more than 20 years on

6pm President’s Welcome Reception Sponsored By-
Home Shopping Network
* Exhibitor Area *

Monday, October 24

8-9am Breakfast w/The Vendors sponsored by
MTV/2 & The Box Worldwide

9am This Year At Convention Mission Statement: Gary Cocola
CBA Intro of all speakers & topics.

9:15am FCC Update Digital Television: Keith Larson
Introduced by Gary Cocola

10:15am FCC Update FCC/Class A Update Hossein Hashemzadeh
Introduced by Keith Larson

11am DTV Mini Camp A condensed version of the DTV Burst & Larcan
Training Camp – Pt. 1 Introduced by Warren Trumbly

12pm – 1pm Lunch w/the Vendors sponsored by
Axcera & The LPTV Store

1pm DTV Mini Camp A condensed version of the DTV Burst & Larcan
Training Camp… Pt. 2

2pm DTV 101 What You Really Need To Understand Rich Chernock
About Digital Television Triveni Digital, Inc.
- MPEG-2 Basics (Core Technology of DTV) Introduced by Ellie St John
- PSIP (What is it & Why it’s Your Friend)

3:30pm The Future of DTV The Future of DTV is a regular feature of Craig Birkmaier, Introduced by Greg Herman
Craig Birkmaier with more than 30 yrs
experience in the video industry.

4:30pm Equipment Panel: Equipment Vendors Introduced by Jason Roberts

5:30pm CBA Membership Meeting & Election Led by Larry Rogow
(Nominating Committee Chair)

Tuesday, October 25

8am-9am Breakfast Sponsored By Technical Innovations

9am Station Start-Up Moderator: Greg Herman
William Brady, Kevin Page

10:30am Programming Programming! A Panel Discussion PJ Stafford
Local and Network Programming: Introduced by Amy Brown

11:45am Digital Update A Media Update Stephen Meyer
Publisher, A Disc & Dat Update Introduced by Lou Zanoni

12:30pm Lunch w/the Vendors

1:45pm News Production LOCAL NEWS! A Panel Discussion
Moderator: Eddie Owen Introduced by Eduardo Caballero
Lou Zanoni, Calvin Means

3:15pm The Digital Future Mike Couzens Moderator
Keith Larson, Chief Engineer, FCC Media Bureau
Greg Herman or Jes Ortega, WatchTV – Portland, Rick Goetz;
Rich Chernock, Triveni Digital (Data Broadcast –
How to take advantage of your digital spectrum)

4:45pm Ask The Experts Legal Q & A: Mike Couzens Moderator
Peter Tannenwald, Irwin, Campbell & Tannenwald, P.C.;
Hossein Hashemzadeh, Associate Chief, Video Division, FCC
Media Bureau; Keith Larson, Chief Engineer, FCC Media

6pm Private Reception for CBA Sustaining Members
& Past Presidents In Presidential Suite

7pm CBA Awards Banquet featuring FCC Commissioner Jonathan