Sen John Kerry

"Just as President Roosevelt recognized a responsibility to make electricity available to rural families in his New Deal, and just as President Eisenhower recognized the necessity of a National Highway System that would enable substantial economic growth in the country, it is time for us to make this technology available to the hard-to-reach communities that need it -- rural and urban. In contrast to Roosevelt's sweeping changes, this administration has pledged ubiquitous Broadband access by 2007, but has taken few concrete actions to achieve that goal. On the contrary, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seems intent to inexplicably drag its feet on this measure -- despite broad bipartisan support in the Congress, as indicated by the Senate Commerce Committee's unanimous acceptance of a similar measure last year."

-- Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) "Kerry Introduces Wireless Innovation Act to Spur New Broadband Connections" Jan 10, 2007 (see