Charles Benton Sworn in to serve on IMLS Board

Washington, DC— Yesterday, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg administered the oath
of office, officially swearing in eight new members of the National Museum and Library
Services Board appointed by President Barack Obama. The board is the advisory body for the
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Members of the board are selected to serve
based on their expertise and commitment to libraries or museums.

IMLS Director Susan Hildreth said, “I am delighted to welcome Mr. Charles Benton to the
board. Through his service he will help libraries and museums throughout the United States
contribute to the educational, cultural and civic life of our nation. Mr. Benton is a well-
recognized expert and we are looking forward to having his strategic advice to strengthen
IMLS’s grant making, research and policy advisory roles.”

Charles Benton has been the Chairman and Trustee of the Benton Foundation since 1981. He
also currently serves on the boards of the Educational Development Center in Boston, and
the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, where he was named a Lifetime Trustee.
In addition to his work on these boards, Mr. Benton previously was president or chairman of
the Encyclopedia Britannica Education Corporation; Public Media, Inc.; Films Inc.; Home
Vision Entertainment; and the Partnership for a Connected Illinois. In recognition of his work
in the media and telecommunications fields, Mr. Benton has previously received presidential
appointments to serve as Chairman of the National Commission on Libraries and Information
Science, Chairman of the First White House Conference on Library and Information Services,
and Member of the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Public Interest Obligations of
Digital Television Broadcasters. Mr. Benton received a B.A. from Yale University.

For more information about the National Museum and Library Services Board visit the
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About the National Museum and Library Services Board
The National Museum and Library Services Board is an advisory body that includes the
director and deputy directors of Institute of Museum and Library Service and twenty
presidentially appointed members of the general public who have demonstrated expertise in,
or commitment to, library or museum services. Informed by its collectively vast experience
and knowledge, the Board advises the IMLS director on general policy and practices, and on
selections for the National Medals for Museum and Library Service.

About the Institute of Museum and Library Services

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