Benton Committed to Fast, Fair, Open Internet

Earlier today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai outlined a plan to reverse course on the Commission’s 2015 open Internet rules. The following statement may be attributed to Benton Foundation Executive Director Adrianne B. Furniss:

It is always a sad day when government regulators choose commercial interests over the public interest. When the FCC’s net neutrality rules were adopted in February 2015, the Benton Foundation proclaimed them “the greatest commitment ever made to preserve and protect an open and free Internet.” Today, FCC Chairman Pai and Commissioner O’Rielly celebrated their latest moves to favor large Internet service providers over the American values of access and equity, democracy and diversity, opportunity and innovation.

The message I heard from the commissioners and other speakers: “No one is against net neutrality; we’re just against any rules to ensure it.”

Chairman Pai’s plan is not what the American people want or are asking for. Americans want to employ any legal applications, content, devices, and services of their choosing on the broadband networks they rely on. Americans want the Internet to remain a platform for all consumers, content creators, and innovators, regardless of their ability to pay infrastructure owners special fees for special access.

I am sure the American people will tell Chairman Pai and Commissioner O’Rielly what they want. I hope the commissioners will listen.