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What Can the Government Do to Expand Broadband’s Reach (in 30 Questions)?

President Barack Obama’s Broadband Opportunity Council asking the public for input in helping to identify regulations and other barriers that are hampering deployment of broadband.

How can the federal government best promote coordination and use of federally-funded broadband assets?

What regulatory barriers exist within the agencies of the Executive Branch to the deployment of broadband infrastructure?

Benton Editorial

Charles Benton 1931-2015

: We have received countless inquiries about how to best honor Charles’ lifelong work. Below, please see how to support the Charles Benton Legacy Fund.

Visionary Film Distributor and Philanthropist Helped Reinstitute Presidential Debates


Does the FCC Need to be Reauthorized?

Hearings mark the beginning of Congressional efforts to write and pass legislation to reauthorize the FCC