Tim Wu

How Google and Amazon Got Away With Not Being Regulated

In the 1990s and 2000s, the web and the internet were new and everything was going to be different forever, and the chaos made it easy to think that bigness—the economics of scale—no longer really mattered in the new economy. After a decade of ope

The Republican Attack on California

Recently, California passed its own network neutrality laws, to ban blocking and throttling of the internet, as a stand-in for the federal net neutrality rules abandoned by the Trump administration in June.

The case for breaking up Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is widely expected to refashion Instagram into a fully integrated sub-unit of Facebook — which, given Facebook’s record, suggests minimal privacy and maximized advertising.

Antitrust via Rulemaking: Competition Catalysts

Some observers note a decline in competition in American industry; fewer new firms are entering the market, and markets are becoming more concentrated. Federal and state agencies can devise regulations to catalyze competition.

Letting Sprint and T-Mobile Merge Is a Terrible Idea

[Commentary] The merits of some mergers make for a close case, but the proposed merger between the mobile carriers Sprint and T-Mobile, which would create a new telecommunications behemoth, is not one of them. Basic economics strongly suggests the

How the FCC's Net Neutrality Plan Breaks With 50 Years of History

[Commentary] Did Obama really invent net neutrality? Even in a country with famously short attention spans, at least some people might have noticed that net neutrality has been around longer than that. So where did net neutrality come from?

Why the Courts Will Have to Save Net Neutrality

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai faces a serious legal problem.

Why Blocking the AT&T-Time Warner Merger Might Be Right

[Commentary] The prospect of a president using antitrust law to punish political opponents is deeply disturbing.

How Twitter Killed the First Amendment

[Commentary] In this age of “new” censorship and blunt manipulation of political speech, where is the First Amendment? Americans like to think of it as the great protector of the press and of public debate.

The ‘Fix’ for Net Neutrality That Consumers Don’t Need

[Commentary] President Trump’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, announced plans to eliminate net neutrality (technically, make it “voluntary”) despite its popularity, record of success and acceptance by most of the indu