Scott Rosenberg

How we got Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday — with a predicted $9 billion in US sales online — has become a self-sustaining phenomenon in the world of e-retail, with email blasts and ad blitzes pushing pre-holiday season discounts. This event did not emerge organically.

For tech, it's all hard problems now

The tech industry spent the last two decades connecting the world and getting computers into every home and hand — but that's turning out to have been the easy part.

The misinformation age

Axios is launching a series to help you navigate the new avalanche of misinformation, and illuminate its impact on America and the globe, through 2020 and beyond. Hostile powers undermining elections. Deepfake video and audio.

President Trump's pretzel-logic tech policy

The Trump administration's policy toward big tech moved in two opposite directions recently, as the White House sought the big platforms' help in predicting mass shootings while it was also reportedly drafting plans to punish them for perceived bi

Twilight of the open tech era

Today's tech giants achieved success and scale by promoting their openness, but the industry's open doors are shutting, one by one. Today's dominant tech platforms are privately owned and governed, and their owners will readily adjust the "opennes

The legal fate of Apple, Facebook, and Google depends on judges and regulators

As calls mount to break up big tech companies or limit their power, their legal fate will hang on how judges and regulators define their markets.

What Apple, Facebook and Google each mean by "privacy"

Apple, Facebook, and Google are all firmly on the record now: they agree that privacy is a good thing, that government should protect it, and that you can trust them to respect it.

Facebook's off-again, on-again affair with privacy

As Mark Zuckerberg filled in the details of his new, privacy-oriented vision of Facebook at the F8 developers conference, he left out a key episode from the past: Long before Facebook's pivot to privacy, the company pivoted to make everything more

For tech, antitrust is a fatal distraction

When leaders in Silicon Valley assess the new antitrust fever among candidates and policymakers, the prospect of corporate breakups isn't their biggest worry.

Phone numbers are the new Social Security numbers

Cellphone numbers have become a primary way for tech companies like Facebook to uniquely identify users and secure accounts, in some ways becoming a proxy for a national ID.