Scott Moritz

Making Case for T-Mobile Deal, Sprint Says Its Customers Are Fleeing

Sprint is unable to recover from crippling losses and has told regulators its purchase by T-Mobile would set up a stronger competitor to wireless leaders AT&T and Verizon.

Antitrust Chief Makan Delrahim Discusses Sprint, Doesn't Close Door on Deal

Justice Department Antitrust Chief Makan Delrahim, who is leading a review of the proposed $26.5 billion merger of T-Mobile US with Sprint, says the elimination of one major competitor in wireless service isn’t necessarily a deal killer.

Legere and Claure at FCC Again Selling T-Mobile, Sprint Merger

T-Mobile’s John Legere and Sprint’s Marcelo Claure met with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to sell their $26.5 billion deal. Legere and Claure also met with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

Carriers Are Hoarding America’s Bandwidth. Google Just Wants Them to Share

A Google-led plan to overhaul how valuable airwaves are used for calls and texts is gaining momentum across the wireless industry, giving the company the chance to play a central role in networks of the future.

U.S. Wireless Carriers Plan to Launch 5G With ‘Pucks’ Not Phones

AT&T and Verizon, conceding that phones won’t be available in time for the launch of fifth-generation mobile service in 2018, plan instead to offer 5G through portable hotspots called pucks.  “I would expect that there are a range of handsets

Comcast Vows to Behave Without Net-Neutrality Rules. Not All Are Convinced.

A trade group of broadband providers including AT&T and Comcast pledged recently to not block or slow web traffic and otherwise avoid “unfair discrimination against lawful traffic online,” according to a statement.

AT&T Ready to Probe the White House’s Role in Time Warner Deal

Apparently, AT&T will try to dig into whether the White House influenced the Justice Department’s review of the company’s planned takeover of Time Warner if the government sues to block the deal.  In the event of a trial over the $85.4 billion

Verizon Said to Near Yahoo Deal at Lower Price After Hacks

Verizon Communications is close to a renegotiated deal for Yahoo! Inc.’s internet properties that would reduce the price of the $4.8 billion agreement by about $250 million after the revelation of security breaches at the web company, apparently.

Satellite Dishes That Power Time Warner Imperil AT&T Deal

Behind the Time Warner campus in Atlanta (GA), more than a dozen massive dishes silently stream CNN newscasts, Cartoon Network shows and Turner Sports games to satellites in outer space.

AT&T Turns to Media Acquisitions as Its Video Ambitions Grow

AT&T has gone from a regional phone company to a national telecommunications powerhouse over the last decade. Its next big expansion will see it buying businesses to transform into a media and entertainment giant, apparently.