Ryan Knutson

Trump Administration Weighs Building US 5G Network to Counter China

Some White House officials view next-generation 5G wireless service as a “key area of competition,” and they say that the threat from China, in particular, justifies a “moonshot” government effort like the construction of the interstate highway sy

Why Uber Can Find You but 911 Can’t

Software on iPhones and Android smartphones help mobile apps like Uber and Facebook to pinpoint a user’s location, making it possible to order a car, check in at a local restaurant or receive targeted advertising.

Net Neutrality: A Case Study With JetBlue and Amazon

If you have taken a flight recently on JetBlue Airways, you might have noticed something that looks a lot like a network neutrality boogeyman: prioritization of Amazon’s videos over other services, such as Netflix or HBO, on the airline’s in-fligh

Mobile-Wireless Market Might Be Our Post Net-Neutrality World

With the rules governing internet services set to be rolled back this week, service providers and their detractors are envisioning new models that could translate into a wider range of fees—both lower and higher.

The Inside Story of How the Sprint and T-Mobile Deal Collapsed, Again

During months of merger talks with T-Mobole, Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son sought a way to merge the two wireless rivals without really having to hand over the keys. There was discussion over inserting a provision to buy the combined company back

Amazon and Google Consider Turning Smart Speakers Into Home Phones

Amazon and Alphabet’s Google are considering a new use for their popular home speakers: becoming the home phone.

Verizon Exploring Combination With Cable Firm Charter Communications

Apparently, Verizon Communications is exploring a combination with Charter Communications that would unite two giants in search of growth in a rapidly consolidating media and telecom landscape, according to people familiar with the matter.

Call Centers May Know a Surprising Amount About You

The next time you dial customer service, who answers your call may be determined by what you have said on Facebook.

Telecom Industry Sees Relief in Trump Policy Agenda

The telecommunications industry is embracing the idea of a Trump administration.

AT&T-Time Warner Deal Stokes Debate Over ‘Zero Rating’

AT&T’s practice of exempting its streaming video services from data-usage caps is rankling competitors and shaping up as a major issue for regulators set to weigh the company’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner.