Russell Brandom

Twitter Releases New Policy on 'Dehumanizing Speech'

Twitter announced a new policy addressing “dehumanizing speech,” which will take effect later in 2018, and for the first time the public will be able to formally provide the company with feedback on the proposed rule.

The Monopoly-Busting Case Against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook

Antitrust crusaders have built up serious momentum in Washington, making a strong case that big companies (especially big tech companies) are distorting the market to drive out competitors.

Facebook’s encryption fight will be harder than San Bernardino

Facebook is caught in a secret legal fight with the FBI. The fight, which centers on an alleged MS-13 gang member in Fresno (CA), has been kept out of public court records, but Reuters broke the story on Aug 17.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter partner for ambitious new data project

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter joined to announce a new standards initiative called the Data Transfer Project, designed as a new way to move data between platforms.

Facebook opens up ‘overwhelming data set’ for election research

Researchers will soon have a chance to study every link shared on Facebook, thanks to a new data set released through a research partnership with Social Science One.

'Information Fiduciary' would regulate Facebook without going through Congress

We’re trusting services like Facebook with our data, and that trust should come with concrete legal responsibilities.

Facebook-backed lawmakers are pushing to gut privacy law

As Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify before Congress, Facebook is quietly fighting a crucial privacy measure in the Illinois Statehouse.

We have Abandoned Every Principle of the Free and Open Internet

"In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face.” It was 1968, and J.C.R. Licklider, a director at ARPA, had become convinced that humanity was on the cusp of a computing revolution. 

Anti-net neutrality spammers are impersonating real people to flood FCC comments

Thousands have posted comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s website in response to a proposed rollback of network neutrality internet protections, weighing in on whether and how to defend the open internet.

What does the new ISP data-sharing rollback actually change?

Congress shot down the Federal Communications Commission’s internet privacy rules this week, and in doing so, created a world of confusion over what Americans should expect when it comes to online privacy.