Robbie McBeath

Laboring Away: FCC Proposes TV Set-Top Rules and Lawmakers Feud Over Internet Transition

Washington is back in full-swing after the Labor Day holiday. Congress is in session, elections are heating up, and the Federal Communications Commission released its “robust and diverse agenda” for its September 29 open meeting.

AT&T v. FTC Decision and Media Ownership Rules Review

[SOURCE: Benton Foundation, AUTHOR: Robbie McBeath]

The Facebook Election Machine

As the 2016 Presidential primaries were starting in February, we looked at the digital tools offered by Facebook and Google to help voters gain information -- and be reached by candidates.

Progress for Prison Phone Rates and Accessibility

The Federal Communications Commission held its monthly meeting on August 4, covering prison phone rates, the FCC’s program for providing affordable communications equipment for people with hearing and vision loss, and new rules to create a pathway

DNC 2016: Broadband Platform and Leaked E-mails

This week, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party swept into Philadelphia (PA) for the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

RNC 2016: GOP Platform, Media Coverage, and Notable Moments

This week, Donald Trump and the Republican Party rolled into Cleveland, Ohio for the 2016 Republican National Convention. In a spectacle of full of cheers, jeers, and fears, Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination.

An Action Plan to Connect Community Anchor Institutions and Close the Digital Divide

On July 13, 2016, the Benton Foundation published the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition's Connecting Anchor Institutions: A Broadband Action Plan.

Clinton Puts Forth a Tech Plan. Trump Doesn’t.

[Commentary] Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton unveiled her Technology & Innovation Agenda this week.