Rob Pegoraro

Why your cable company might be happy to see you stop subscribing to its TV service: Data Caps.

If your cable operator invites you to dump its TV service and switch to online streaming, its internet rates may hide a surprise that will be painful to you and profitable to your internet provider.

Why it's so hard for some Americans to get high-speed internet

The Federal Communications Commission's broadband map, which invites you to plug in street addresses to see which companies sell service there and at what speeds, is a failure. It’s built on old and fuzzy data filed by internet providers that some

Why former CIA director John Brennan is nervous about Facebook and Google

Days after revelations of sweeping security vulnerabilities at Facebook and Google, former CIA director John Brennan offered no confidence that we’ve discovered all of yesterday’s bad news about social-network security and can move on to preventin

Could the Sprint-T-Mobile merger mean higher bills for Boost or MetroPCS customers?

If the government approves Sprint and T-Mobile’s bid to merge, customers of lower cost pre-paid plans — say from Boost and MetroPCS — could face changes. Both Sprint and T-Mobile also sell prepaid services at lower costs and under different brand

Why Sprint customers should hope the T-Mobile deal succeeds

If you're a Sprint customer and have been frustrated by network performance, you may want to cheer on the deal with T-Mobile. If you're a T-Mobile customer, it doesn't represent much of an upgrade.

You should pay attention to those privacy notices flooding your email

Almost everybody who uses an online service or app that handles their data has been getting a flood of emails advising of privacy-policy changes. And it’s not the US behind the tech industry’s recent flurry of updates.

The Problem With America's New National Broadband Map

[Commentary] The recently-updated National Broadband Map's biggest downfall lurks behind its search-by-address function, which suggests a precision that its underlying data usually can’t deliver.

What if you want an iPhone app Apple rejects? Consider the case of one net neutrality app

Apple’s mobile-app marketplace has boundaries that Apple alone sets. A free network-diagnostic tool called Wehe is supposed to tell if your Internet provider is interfering with certain video apps' traffic, say on YouTube or Netflix, a question on

The Trump administration gets the history of Internet regulations all wrong

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s history of Internet regulation is wrong.