Molly Wood

Cutting the High Cost of Digital Living

To keep all the subscriptions straight, and to avoid paying for services no longer wanted or needed (or forgotten about entirely), it is worthwhile to conduct a regular audit of your digital life.

Swear Off Social Media, for Good or Just for Now

[Commentary] Social media can be a harmless and easy way to keep track of friends, family and news. It can also be addictive and invasive and produce an archive of bad behavior that can damage relationships or make it hard to get a new job.

TV Apps Are Soaring in Popularity, Report Says

When it comes to online video, people may not want to cut the cord. Instead, they want to take the cord with them.

How Young Is Too Young for a Digital Presence?

[Commentary] Some parents are already busy planning their kids’ online presence -- registering their babies for things like Facebook, web URLs, pages, Instagram feeds, Twitter handles, Tumblr accounts and email accounts on Yahoo and Gmail

Can You Trust ‘Secure’ Messaging Apps?

As the messaging wars heat up, security seems to be the big differentiator -- the levels of security range from “military grade” to lightweight, depending on the app.