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President Trump says he's open to working with Democrats in regulating social media companies like Facebook and Twitter

President Donald Trump said on that he's open to working across the aisle with Democratic lawmakers to regulate social media.

IAC's Barry Diller: Comcast is the 'most perfectly positioned ' company in media now

"Of all those companies, Comcast is the most perfectly positioned because they are really on the distribution side in a significant way, and they're on the production side also in a significant way," said Barry Diller at the Internet Association's

Comcast Apologizes for Customer Service Call From Hell

Comcast says it's sorry for the unusual inconvenience it caused AOL VP of product Ryan Block during a 20-minute phone call where Block, somewhat painfully, tried to disconnect his service while a customer service representative refused to do so.

Videology Breaks Down How Millennials Consume TV

Today's millennial viewer spent more time on digital media than watching TV in 2013, according to a new infographic by programmatic video advertising platform Videology, with 34 percent admitting to tuning into more online video than broadcasted s

Audiences Increasingly Going Mobile for Entertainment

A study conducted by global mobile video advertising firm Vdopia found that mobile consumption of entertainment-themed media is sharply on the rise.

Will Beats Help Apple Solve its Millennial Problem?

Apple's rumored decision to purchase Beats Electronics for a vast $3.2 billion has puzzled many across the tech sphere. But, there may be a simple answer: Purchasing the Jimmy Iovine and Dr.

Clear Channel Says Radio Hosts Are Still Relevant

Radio isn’t dead. It just wasn’t advertised correctly, according to Clear Channel Communications CEO Bob Pittman.