Michael Hiltzik

5G will be the next revolution in global communications, but the US may be left behind

Harvard Law School's Susan Crawford has written a new book,  “Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution — and Why America Might Miss It.” She's assembled her concerns about US connectivity, along with her suggestions how to alleviate them.

Sonic is a small ISP that competes brilliantly with the big guys — so they're trying to throttle its business

For years, the big internet service providers have striven to hamstring competition across the telecommunications landscape.

The blueprint for the disastrous AT&T-Time Warner deal was written years ago by the Comcast-NBC merger

[Commentary] The AT&T/Time Waner deal is not unique. Its template was laid out in 2011 by what was then the biggest such “vertical” merger in the information and entertainment sectors: Comcast’s $30-billion takeover of NBCUniversal.  That earl

FCC Chairman Pai defends his attack on net neutrality by substituting ideology for history

The world of the internet, as seen by Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai, is a simple one. Regulation is bad, deregulation is good. Conservatives are victims, and liberals reign supreme. And history doesn’t matter.

The FCC's abandonment of network neutrality will end the internet as we know it

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s assertion that consumers will be served by Internet service providers’ “transparently” offering them “the plan that’s best for them” is fatuous in the extreme.

AT&T's rollout of broadband serves the rich, shunts mid- and low-income families to the slow lane

The argument that the private sector can do things better, faster and cheaper than government never seems to go out of style.

Quietly but decisively, Trump's FCC is delivering big favors for big broadband companies

[Commentary] The Trump administration’s determination to roll back regulations protecting the environment, voting rights and financial services consumers has been drawing most of the public’s attention.

As Google Fiber scales down its broadband business, San Francisco moves ahead on its own

[Commentary] Hopes that Google would establish a nationwide model for fiber Internet service were dashed, when the company suddenly declared a “pause” in its plans to lay fiber in as many as 18 municipalities.

Cable and telecom firms score a huge win in their war to kill municipal broadband

[Commentary] Cable and telecommunications companies chalked up their biggest victory yet — in a courtroom, not a legislative chamber.

The net neutrality battle: FCC chairman backs away, but not enough

[Commentary] Fans of network neutrality -- the idea that Internet service providers shouldn't be able to block, slow, or favor some content providers over others -- should show Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler a little love.