Mathew Ingram

Smaller outlets reduce, scrap Facebook promotion over new political ad rules

When Facebook announced in April that it would create a public database of political advertising, it seemed like a meaningful step—something that might make it harder for Russian trolls and other bad actors to try to manipulate public opinion usin

If a high-quality site like Metafilter can be crushed by Google, what hope do other sites have?

For long-time web users, the layoffs announcement from Metafilter -- a pioneering online community that has been around since 1999 -- was a little like hearing that an old friend is in hospital with a fatal illness: founder Matt Haughey said that

Appeals court says blogs are not only media, they’re an important source of news and commentary

An appeals court has ruled that a blogger is a member of the media for the purposes of defamation law -- another decision that helps support the idea of protecting acts of journalism, rather than just specific people who are defined as professiona