Larry Downes

Why Is The Media Smearing New FCC Chair Ajit Pai As The Enemy Of Net Neutrality?

[Commentary] Media outlets across the political spectrum reporting on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s promotion have focused on a single issue—the FCC’s controversial 2015 open Internet rulemaking, which transformed Internet

A simple path forward for FCC transparency

While Congress continues to pursue legislation, we think there’s direct action the next Federal Communications Commission Chairman can take on day one that would immediately improve the quality of public debate on pending agency action.

Why The Trump Team Should Adopt Bill Clinton's Plan To Reform The FCC

[Commentary] President-elect Donald Trump’s advisors, along with leading Members of Congress and the agency’s two Republican Commissioners, have already made clear their first priority: to end the agency’s misguided intrusions into the Internet e

Why you may have good reason to worry about all those smart devices

[Commentary] There are an estimated 1.5 trillion objects around the world that could one day connect to the Internet, everything from simple housewares to automobiles.

How should Donald Trump’s administration regulate the Internet?

[Commentary] How will the Trump Administration regulate the Internet? The truth is that nobody really knows.

A new digital divide has emerged — and conventional solutions won’t bridge the gap

[Commentary] Though the United States has made profound progress in making Internet access universally available, a new digital divide has emerged that defies conventional solutions.

The Internet revolution has not reached all of us

[Commentary] The Internet is celebrating some important milestones. The week of Aug 22 marked both the 40th anniversary of the first mobile connection and the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

The FCC is pushing Internet innovation forward — and holding it back

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission published a pair of decisions recently that show in sharp contrast the right and wrong ways regulators use their authority to shape the trajectory of disruptive technologies.

Why treating the Internet as a public utility is bad for consumers

[Commentary] Open Internet advocates celebrated long and loud in June when a federal court upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s “net neutrality” rules that prohibit broadband-access providers from blocking websites or accepting payment t