Kim Lyons

Verizon is recalling 2.5 million hotspots that could overheat and cause burn or fire damage

Verizon said it is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to recall 2.5 million hotspot devices after an investigation found the devices’ lithium-ion batteries could overheat and pose fire and burn hazards. The Ellipsis Jetpack mobile hotspot models MHS900L, MHS900LS, and MHS900LPP were imported by Franklin Wireless Corp. and sold between April 2017 and March of 2021.

Verizon adds customers, but revenue dips amid slower device sales

Verizon saw a net gain of 10,000 consumer Fios broadband subscribers in the second quarter, even though it had to suspend many in-home installations because of pandemic restrictions. The Keep Americans Connected Pledge — waiving late fees and promising not to cut off service for customers who couldn’t pay during the pandemic —