Josh Stearns

Democracy Fund establishes two new local funds

We are announcing two new locally-based and locally-driven funds – totaling more than $2 million – that will invest in ideas, people, and organizations that are working to ensure people have access to the news and information they need in these co

Why the SCOTUS Cellphone Decision is a Win for Press Freedom

[Commentary] According to the Supreme Court, police need a warrant to search the cellphones of people they arrest.

Map: A Post-Merger Comcast Will Be the Dominant Cable Provider for Two-Thirds of America

[Commentary] If the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger goes through, one company will control way too much of what we see and how we see it online and on cable.

Our Rights Shouldn't Come with an Expiration Date

[Commentary] The proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is all about the future of the Internet. The stakes are high, especially in light of the court decision that struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules.