Jon Brodkin

Comcast donations help company secure support of Time Warner Cable merger

Comcast has support for its acquisition of Time Warner Cable, much of it from politicians and organizations that benefit from its political and charitable donations.

NFL astroturfing convinces 10,000 fans to support TV blackouts

The National Football League’s campaign to preserve Federal Communications Commission rules that allow local TV blackouts when games aren’t sold out has descended into astroturfing, with thousands of form letters signed by “football fans” arguing

How Verizon lets its copper network decay to force phone customers onto fiber

The shift from copper landlines to fiber-based voice networks is continuing apace, and no one wants it to happen faster than Verizon.

FCC asked six more ISPs, content providers to reveal paid peering deals

The Federal Communications Commission investigation of how network interconnection problems affect the quality of Internet service began when the FCC obtained the paid peering deals Netflix signed with Comcast and Verizon.

Startup claims it will build fiber network in LA and wireless throughout US

A Dutch company called Angie Communications told Los Angeles city officials that it wants to build a citywide fiber-to-the-home broadband network and that it also hopes to build nationwide Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

FCC bid to boost broadband competition faces attack over “constitutionality”

The Federal Communications Commission will face a lawsuit if it tries to invalidate state laws that restrict the ability of cities and towns to offer Internet service, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) wrote to FCC Chairman Tom

Deaf advocacy groups to Verizon: Don’t kill net neutrality on our behalf

The absence of network neutrality rules isn't just good for Verizon -- it's also good for the blind, deaf, and disabled, Verizon claims.

AT&T supports a “fast lane” ban as long as it contains a giant loophole

The common wisdom is that the Federal Communications Commission can't issue stronger open Internet rules unless it re-classifies broadband as a telecommunications service, which would open ISPs up to utility-style, common carrier regulations under

Verizon claims common carrier rules would require Web services to pay ISPs

Verizon is making an alarmist argument in its response to the Federal Communications Commission's network neutrality proposal.

How Comcast became a powerful -- and controversial -- part of the Internet backbone

There’s no bigger Internet service provider in the United States than Comcast, and perhaps none is more controversial. Comcast has built a network that is a huge part of the Internet backbone in the United States.