John Bowden

President Trump Demands Congress Curb Twitter Policies He Calls ‘Discriminatory’

President Donald Trump said Congress should "get involved" in a battle against "discriminatory" practices by Twitter that the President has alleged unfairly target conservatives.

First Amendment group sues DOJ over seizure of New York Times reporter's phone, email records

A CA-based First Amendment group is suing the Justice Department in federal court over the agency's seizure of phone and email records from Ali Watkins, a reporter at The New York Times.

President Trump warns social media companies against ‘silencing millions of people’

President Donald Trump blasted efforts from social media companies to "censor" controversial messages and clamp down on "fake news," urging tech companies to allow Americans to figure out the truth for themselves.

President Trump moves forward with tech limits, tariffs ahead of China trade meeting

The Trump administration said it is going ahead with actions to crack down on Chinese trade practices by June 30.

Former Trump staffer joins Sinclair Broadcasting

A former Trump campaign member who later joined the White House communications team is joining Sinclair Broadcasting Group as the network has weathered controversy in recent months over its pro-Trump leanings.

President Trump attacks media after reports of Cohen deal with AT&T

"Why doesn’t the Fake News Media state that the Trump Administration’s Anti-Trust Division has been, and is, opposed to the AT&T purchase of Time Warner in a currently ongoing Trial.

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway found to have violated Hatch Act

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act on two occasions, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) informed the Trump administration.  Appearing in her official capacity, Conway endorsed and advocated against political candidates,

President Trump raises concerns about impact of violent movies: 'Maybe they have to put a rating system for that'

President Donald Trump warned about the influence of violence in movies while discussing school safety and mass shootings, suggesting it could be a contributing factor to recent mass shootings.  "We have to look at the internet, because a lot of b

President Trump: 30 percent of journalists are 'fine people'

President Donald Trump declared that "about 30 percent" of journalists are good people. Breaking from his prepared remarks at the FBI's National Academy graduation ceremony, President Trump joked that many Americans were watching at home through t

Chairman Pai: Net neutrality supporters 'proven wrong' day after repeal

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said that supporters of net neutrality provisions that were repealed have been proven wrong, as internet users wake up still able to send emails and use Twitter after the regulations were struck