Jay Greene

When regulators fail to reign in Big Tech, some turn to antitrust litigation

When it comes to keeping monopolists in check, the government has played the leading role, from President Teddy Roosevelt battling the railroad at the turn of the century to the Department of Justice taking on Microsoft in the 1990s.

TikTok’s fate was shaped by a ‘knockdown, drag-out’ Oval Office brawl

As leaders in Silicon Valley, China and Washington raced to seal the fate of one of the world’s fastest-growing social media companies, a shouting match broke out in the Oval Office between two of President Trump’s top advisers. In front of President Donald Trump, trade adviser Peter Navarro, and other aides, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin began arguing that the Chinese-owned video-sharing service TikTok should be sold to a US company.

Microsoft to Acquire GitHub For $7.5 Billion in Stock

Microsoft will acquire the software-code repository GitHub  for $7.5 billion in stock, a move that could help the software giant convince more developers to create applications for its cloud-computing business. The deal puts GitHub, a popular service where developers share and collaborate on code, into the hands of a tech giant that is among the leaders in so-called cloud computing, where customers rent digital resources and applications on demand. Three years ago, GitHub raised $250 million from several venture capital firms, a move that valued the company at $2 billion at the time.