Janko Roettgers

Layer3 TV to Launch in Chicago Soon, Backed by Altice and John Paulson

Secretive cable TV upstart Layer3 TV is getting ready to launch in Chicago (IL) in the coming weeks.

Surprise: TV networks are already unbundling from cable

[Commentary] HBO is never going to unbundle, except when it is: Executives of the premium cable network have long insisted that they won’t offer its HBO Go streaming service as a Netflix-like standalone Internet subscription in the United States.

DirecTV is cutting the cord on NFL Sunday Ticket with online-only subscriptions

DirecTV is finally making the NFL Sunday ticket available to football fans without a pay TV subscription.

New Zealand ISP allows its customers to subscribe to the US version of Netflix

Slingshot, a local internet provider in New Zealand, wants to give its subscribers a little extra perk: The Internet service provider just added a new “global mode” to its Internet plans that allows its customers to access video services like Netf

Chromecast will use ultrasonic sounds to pair your TV with your friend’s phones

Google’s Chromecast team has found an interesting way to pair Chromecast streaming sticks with mobile devices that are not on the same Wi-Fi network.

Comcast to test its YouTube competitor by the end of the year

Comcast is looking to test a new platform for the distribution of online videos through its new X1 cable set-top boxes by the end of 2014, the company’s SVP of Video Matt Strauss confirmed.

YouTube starts rating US ISPs, puts its weight behind settlement-free peering

Google released an US-focused version of its video quality report, which offers users a way to check which of their local Internet service providers (ISPs) deliver the best-looking YouTube streams.

Reinventing the Internet: What if AMC took the plunge and unbundled from cable?

[Commentary] There’s been much speculation about the possibility that HBO could one day directly compete with Netflix by offering consumers a way to subscribe to its HBO Go service without signing up for cable.

TV execs want Netflix to be more like Hulu and Amazon

If TV executives had their way, then Netflix would look a whole lot more like its network-owned competitor Hulu or Amazon’s streaming service.

Survey says: we all love to binge on our favorite TV shows

Still think American TV audiences don’t like to binge? Think again: Seven out of ten US TV viewers consider themselves binge viewers, according to a study released by Miner & Co.