Jack Nicas

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

In just over a decade, Facebook has connected more than 2.2 billion people, a global nation unto itself that reshaped political campaigns, the advertising business and daily life around the world.

Alex Jones Said Bans Would Strengthen Him. He Was Wrong.

After Silicon Valley internet giants mostly barred Alex Jones from their services in Aug, traffic to his Infowars website and app soared on the blaze of publicity — and the notorious conspiracy theorist declared victory.

Google’s Parent Births New Businesses: Internet Balloons and Drones

Google’s efforts to build delivery drones and internet-beaming balloons are no longer just science projects.

Apple to Close iPhone Security Hole That Police Use to Crack Devices

Apple has long positioned the iPhone as a secure device that only its owner can open.

Facebook Takes the Punches While Rest of Silicon Valley Ducks

As Facebook has taken it on the chin over the way it has handled the personal information of its users, the leaders of other tech companies have demonstrated that even in publicity-hungry Silicon Valley, it is entirely possible for billionaire exe

Silicon Valley Warms to President Trump After a Chilly Start

Once one of President Trump’s most vocal opponents, Silicon Valley’s technology industry has increasingly found common ground with the White House.

How YouTube Drives People to the Internet’s Darkest Corners

YouTube is the new television, with more than 1.5 billion users, and videos the site recommends have the power to influence viewpoints around the world.

Eric Schmidt to Step Down as Executive Chairman of Google Parent Alphabet

Google-parent Alphabet said Eric Schmidt will step down from his post as executive chairman in January and transition to a role as technical adviser. Schmidt, who joined Google in 2001 and served as its chief executive until 2011, also will contin

Google Pulls YouTube From Amazon Devices, Saying It Isn’t Playing Fair

Google said it is pulling YouTube from some Amazon.com Inc. devices in retaliation for Amazon refusing to sell many Google products, escalating a battle between two tech titans as their businesses increasingly overlap.

Google Has Picked an Answer for You—Too Bad It’s Often Wrong

Google became the world’s go-to source of information by ranking billions of links from millions of sources.