Issie Lapowsky

Mueller's Team Has Interviewed Facebook Staff As Part Of Russia Probe

Apparently, the Department of Justice's special counsel Robert Mueller and his office have interviewed at least one member of Facebook's team that was associated with President Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. The interview was part of Mueller'

2017: The Year Women Reclaimed the Web

[Commentary] If there was one bright spot in all this darkness—one series of moments when the web actually did live up to the most optimistic expectations—it was that in the year 2017, women took back the very platforms that have been used to torm

It's Super Hard to Find Humans in the FCC's Net Neutrality Comments

The Federal Communications Commissions' public comment period on its plans to repeal net neutrality protections was bombarded with bots, memes, and input from people who don't actually exist. So, with the FCC declining to investigate its own comme

Trump’s Campaign Can’t Just Erase History on the Internet

President Donald Trump's overhauled campaign website looks a lot like the original: the resident in a suit and red tie, embedded tweets pillorying #FakeNews, and “Make America Great Again” hats for sale in every color (plus camo, of course).

A Silicon Valley Lawmaker’s $1 Trillion Plan to Save Trump Country

Silicon Valley’s newest congressional representative is bringing the idea of basic income to Washington, to the tune of $1 trillion.

Millions Need the Broadband Program the FCC Just Put on Hold

Internet access is at least as crucial to taking part in the 21st-century US economy as a phone or a car. But one-third of adults have no broadband connection at home.

YouTube Debate Viewership Proves the Power of Digital

The October 9 debate attracted 63 million TV viewers, a 20 percent decline from the first. But on YouTube, debate content—including all videos related to the debate—garnered 124 million views, a 40 percent spike compared with the first.

Peter Thiel: We Must Talk ‘Frankly’ About America’s Problems

A list of speakers for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (OH) includes Peter Thiel, the litigious Silicon Valley billionaire investor, Facebook board member, and Donald Trump delegate, who, most recently, funded a revenge lawsuit aga