Harold Feld

What Do We Learn From Big Data Visualizations Of Net Neutrality Comments?

[Commentary] The 1.1 million public comments the Federal Communications Commission has received on its network neutrality proceeding do not simply reflect the talking points we see in the mainstream media and debated in Washington (DC) policy circ

Title II Forbearance Is Actually So Easy It Makes Me Want To Puke.

[Commentary] For those following the debate around whether to classify broadband access service as a “Title II” telecommunications service under the Communications Act of 1934, you may have heard about a thing called “forbearance.”

T-Mobile Data Roaming Petition Proves Wireless Data Caps Are About Market Power

[Commentary] The extremely aggressive bandwidth caps that most mobile providers impose -- particularly AT&T and Verizon -- don’t make any sense as a way to manage congestion and that they seriously undermine the value of mobile broadband to co

Two Years Later, The Supreme Court Still Doesn’t Want To Review Red Lion v. FCC.

[Commentary] The Supreme Court stubbornly refuses to address Red Lion.

Fighting for the future of wireless competition

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission will vote on a plan to conduct an “incentive auction,” that will pay television broadcasters to give up some of their existing wireless capacity so the FCC can auction it to wireless companies for

What The heck Is An Open FCC Meeting And How Does It Work?

[Commentary] So for those of you first timers, and those of you who have gone so long without a contentious Federal Communications Commission meeting you’ve forgotten how it’s done, I’ve prepared this helpful guide on “what is an FCC meeting and w

FCC’s Tom Wheeler and the Defining Question of Network Neutrality

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler caused quite a stir when he circulated a new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on network neutrality.

Understanding FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Statement On Peering

[Commentary] At the press conference following the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) March 31 Open Meeting, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler made the following observation: “Interconnection is part of the Network Compact.

Shared spectrum: Tell the FCC to keep some wireless spectrum free

[Commentary] Wireless spectrum is such a central part of our daily lives that we forget how much we depend on it.