Gillian Tan

T-Mobile in Talks to Make Big Broadband Bet With Move Into Fiber

T-Mobile is in discussions with Tilman FiberCo to build out a fiber-optic network, setting the stage for the company to enter the landline broadband business. This would be the biggest bet T-Mobile has made in fiber-optic infrastructure, and put it in competiton with cable providers. A deal would make T-Mobile an anchor tenant in a newly formed infrastructure joint venture between Tillman FiberCo and private equity firm Northleaf Capital Partners. Under the agreement, Tillman—financed by Northleaf—would build out network infrastructure to various neighborhoods and business districts and fil

AT&T Is in Talks With Investors on Fiber Build-Out

AT&T is in discussions to create a joint venture that would invest billions of dollars on fiber-optic network expansion. The company is working with Morgan Stanley to help bring in an infrastructure partner to the venture, which is expected to be valued at $10 billion to $15 billion. AT&T is embarking on its biggest plan yet to pursue broadband customers outside its traditional 21-state local phone territory.