Gerry Smith

The Hard Truth at Newspapers Across America: Hedge Funds Are in Charge

A group of journalists protesting outside the offices of a New York City hedge fund recently shined a light on a little-known fact about the state of the local American newspaper: Behind the scenes, financial firms often hold all the cards.

Google Will Prioritize Stories for Paying News Subscribers

Apparently, Google users who subscribe to newspapers will find articles from those publications appearing higher in their search results, part of the company’s efforts to help media companies recruit and retain paying readers. will also begin shar

News Corp CEO Slams Facebook, Google for Not Sharing Enough Ad Revenue

He’s derided them as “bot-infested badlands,” “dysfunctional and sometimes dystopian,” and platforms for “the fake, the faux and the fallacious.” On a recent earnings call, he called them “mephitic,” prompting his spokesman to tweet the definition

Why Trump Wants to Toss Obama’s Net Neutrality Rules: QuickTake

[Commentary] The internet is a set of pipes. It’s also a set of values. Whose? The people who consider it a great social equalizer, a playing field that has to be level?

Ads May Soon Stalk You on TV Like They Do on Your Facebook Feed

Targeted ads that seem to follow you everywhere online may soon be doing the same on your TV.  The Federal Communications Commission is poised to approve a new broadcast standard that will let broadcasters do something cable TV companies already d

Comcast Gets Unshackled With NBC Deal Curbs Expiring in 2018

When Hulu introduced a commercial-free option in 2015, NBC executives were frustrated.

Verizon Said to Plan Online TV Package for Summer Launch

Apparently, Verizon has been securing streaming rights from television network owners in preparation for the nationwide launch of a live online TV service.

Comcast Said to Gain Rights to Offer Online TV Nationwide

Apparently, Comcast has acquired rights from cable network owners to offer their channels nationwide, giving the biggest US cable operator a backup plan if rival online-TV services catch on with consumers.